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Friday, June 16, 2017

A Book And A Chat with Richard and Alice Matzkin

To listen to "A Book and a Chat with Richard and Alice Matzkin click here

A Book and a Chat with Richard and Alice Matzkin

Richard Matzkin has a magnificent relationship with his wife Alice. He is a former men’s group leader, director of a domestic violence program, program director of a psychiatric hospital and meditation teacher. He is also an accomplished sculptor, jazz drummer and author, with Alice, of the award winning book, THE ART OF AGING: Celebrating the Authentic Aging Self. www.MatzkinStudio.com

There book "LOVING PROMISES: The Master Class For Creating Magnificent Relationship"

In this unique inquiry into the deepest incarnation of love, author Richard Matzkin has looked to his extraordinary, three decade long marriage to Alice as a living laboratory to research the elements that comprise a truly loving, magnificent partnership. He has discovered 39 Loving Promises, statements of intention you pledge to yourself, not to your partner that are the behavioral components of a deep, abiding love. These Promises are a profound path to transform your relationship into a magnificent one.
In addition to the usual vows lovers make to each other -- vows of commitment, honesty, acceptance, unselfishness, and fidelity -- the Promises include more obscure, but no less important ones such as:  I Will Regard You As My Equal, I Will Participate In Your Life, I Will Challenge You When Necessary, I Will Not Manipulate You, I Will Protect Our Confidentiality, I Will Honor Your Family, I Will Respect Our Independence.  Each one of these pledges are an essential aspect of a loving relationship.

A Book and a Chat with Robert Graves

To listen to "A Book and a Chat with Robert Graves click here:

Robert Graves

About Robert graves (Taken from his web site)

A Little about myself:
I grew up in a non-traditional household, splitting time between fighting parents.  I experienced things no child should have to go through, and created a toughness that was the foundation of the cast-iron man I am today.  Because of the separation of my parents, I became accustomed to adapting to new living situations because of having to split time between the two, therefore being forced to live in an ever-changing household.  This rocky beginning seemed to prepare me for the 10 years I would come to spend in the United States Marine Corps.
I proudly served in a time of peace, and also in a time of war.  During my time in the service, I had gone through experiences unimaginable to anyone who hasn’t taken a step in those shoes.  Life, death, suicides, marriages, divorces, anxieties and mental struggles surrounded our daily lives.  As a leader of Marines, I was humbled and honored to help so many through their turmoils, trials, and tribulations.  Also while serving, I started my path to obtain my Bachelors degree in Psychology, and because of my love of sports, I also took up coaching youth sports and seeking out adult leagues to play and coach in.  As life would have it, I was unable to continue my journey in the Marine Corps—and because of the separation from my Corps and a simultaneous divorce from my ex, I was forced to start over from scratch.
Perseverance drove me to become an even greater person than I once had been in the Corps, and I had to forcibly change my mental state and the frame of reference of which I saw the situations I found myself in—and this inevitably led me to a point where success in my life was the only option.  I’d secured a very well compensating job and rekindled with my best friend and soulmate whom which I then married, bought a house and then had my son with.  Despite these achievements, the void I had for helping people burned a hole in my soul and left me empty inside.
Being raised in a broken home, being forced to adapt to new situations because of moving between parents, growing up in youth and adult sports, overcoming addictions, living the military life—separating and having to start a completely different life over again (not to mention dealing with the adversities of being a minority in Los Angeles)… these were all a major part of molding me into the cast iron mentor I am today—having helped people literally across the globe.  With my background and my studies in Psychology, I then made the decision that I wanted to bring as many people with me on the road of success that I could.
My decision to provide a service as a non-traditional counselor turned into my decision to walk the road as a Mental Peak Performance Coach; and as a coach who strives to provide the best possible help, I understand that in order to help people in the best way possible, I would need to continue studying people and the mind in different modalities.  So I decided to study Hypnotherapy in order to deepen the tools I have to utilize with my clients, which then opened a door that led onto the road to my Doctorate in Sport Psychology—in which I now study to add yet another element of focus under my belt.
As a man of experience with life, death, love, hate, failure, success, perseverance, education, and drive—it is in my interest, and it’s my duty to help all those that are looking for something more… something better… something good in their lives.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

SUNDAY June 18th at 5PM ET on newvisionsradio.com "THOSE WERE THE DAYS" This weeks musical theme is "Precious Things" think of some songs we might play, you can always contact me at newvisiosnradio@gmail.com with TWTD in the subject line.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

A Book and a Chat with Jim Mosquera

To listen to "A Book and a Chat with Jim Mosquera click here:

Jim Mosquera

m Mosquera tries to make sense of the complicated.  He adds color to a discussion.
His non-fiction work under the Escaping Oz series will make you understand why proposed solutions for financial and economic problems miss important points.  These problems will worsen until there’s an honest discussion about their resolution.  His latest release, Escaping Oz: An Observer’s Reflections, will give you a foundation for honest discussion.  We’ve been watching politics and economics clash for a few years.  Prepare for more.  Are you prepared?  Visit the Resources page for free information.
His fictional work revolves around the Chandler Scott thrillers (2020, Rebellium, and Division).  These novels are so realistic, they will make you wonder if such outcomes are possible.  In today’s socially divided world, they offer a chilling look at the future.  It’s not a dystopian future, but it will be very uncomfortable for many.   The novels feature a compelling story of a young journalist’s experience with politics, financial crisis, and cyber terror and the mentors who guide him through it.  Throughout his journey, he wrestles with balancing time with the love of his life and his dedication to his profession, which increasingly impacts the country’s future.

A Book and a Chat with Donna Urbikas

A Book and a Chat with Donna Urbikas, click here to listen to the show

Donna Urbikas

Donna Solecka Urbikas grew up in the Midwest during the golden years of the American century. But her Polish-born mother and half-sister endured dehumanizing conditions during World War II as slave laborers in Siberia. War and exile created a profound bond between mother and older daughter, one that Donna would struggle to find with either of them. After the war, older daughter, mother and her new husband—a Polish Army officer who had helped them escape the Soviet Union—are haunted by the past. Baby boomer Donna, born in post-war England and growing up in 1950s Chicago, yearns for a “normal” American family. In this unforgettable memoir, Donna recounts her family history and her own survivor’s story, finally understanding the damaged mother who had saved her sister.

A Book and a Chat with Jan Fortman

You can listen to "A Book and a Chat with Dr Jan Fortman" by clicking here:

Dr Jan Fortman

Dr. Janice Fortman, believes that whatever you perceive, you can achieve.  She has always wanted to be a person who motivates others to reach their highest potential. Dr. Jan is a motivational speaker, an authentic keynote speaker, corporate trainer, educational specialist, and life coach for organizations, companies and individuals around the globe.  Jan believes that communication is the foundation for all relationships, both personal and professional, therefore, people's opinions of you or your organization are formed by the way you communicate both verbally and non-verbally.  Dr. Jan is an author, a Distinguished Toastmaster, and award winning public speaker who gives real world solutions in powerful, engaging and memorable presentations.  She is a member of the Women's Speakers Bureau and was recognized by the National Association of Professional Women as the 2013/2014 Professional Woman of the Year for leadership in public speaking. She was also selected as a visionary author for Braveheart Women, the largest international online community for female visionaries. Dr. Fortman was honored in 2014, 2015, and 2016 as an outstanding volunteer for Age Options, an agency that provides self management skills for older adults with ongoing health conditions.  She is considered one of the top ten most influential women on the Southside of Chicago.

Dr. Fortman presents at the Hawaiian International Conference on Education, Illinois Association of Curriculum and Development, Illinois Council of Exceptional Children, Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development, educational institutions, and various religious and business organizations. Her book entitled "The Little Book of BIG Behavior Interventions" presents the common misbehaviors of pre-k and elementary school children and is popular with teachers who are faced with challenging misbehaviors in the classroom. 
Dr. Jan is most passionate about her latest book "The Secrets To How Not To Throw Mama From The Train", that focuses on the relationship between adult daughters and their aging mothers, with related workshops that offer insight, advice and solutions on resolving conflicts in this complicated and dynamic relationship. What is the Secret? Effective Communication!

Whether you are looking for a speaker for a small intimate group, or large conference, your participants will leave with real life solutions and action plans.
I can be reached at 1-887-66-SPEAK, jhfortmanassociates@comcast.net, or my website drjanicespeaks.com.

A Book and a Chat with Barbara Jaffe

You can listen to "A Book and a Chat with Barbara Jaffe" by clicking here:

Barbara Jaffe

Author Barbara Jaffe feels to live is to observe and to observe most deeply is to write. Only in the depth of our reflections can we truly learn and grow through any of our limitations. Jaffe's recent book, "When Will I Be Good Enough? A Replacement Child's Journey to Healing" reflects her journey, which readers can relate to, for she writes of the universal issues of self-confidence and self-esteem that affect all of our lives.

A fourth generation San Franciscan native, she has spent her adult life living in Los Angeles with her husband, three sons, two grandchildren, and her very sweet poodle/bichon Emma. She hopes her readers will find their own answers within the pages of her detailed life's journey through her unique perspective as a replacement child. More information is available at http://barbaraannjaffe.com.

A Book and a Chast with Jeanne E Rogers

You can listen to A Book and a Chat with Jeanne E Rogers by clicking here 

Jeanne E Rogers

Jeanne E. Rogers (J.E. Rogers) is the author of middle-grade fantasies and children's stories. Her work includes The Sword of Demelza, The Gift of Sunderland, and One Hot Mess, A Child's Environmental Fable. All of the titles are available on Amazon as paperback and e-book. Her work aims to educate as it entertains. The stories are 'peopled' by anthropomorphized animals, many of which are endangered and indigenous to Australia. 

She is currently working on a fourth children's book. This fourth book will introduce young readers to a Native American creation myth which tells how the wolf became a dog and man's best friend. Close upon the heels of this work is a final middle-grade adventure in the Australian Fantasy series. Stop by her Facebook page, or website to learn more about her passion for animals and educating young people about threatened species and the environment https://facebook.com/austrailanfantasyadventures http://warriorechidna.blogspot.com

Friday, June 2, 2017

A Book and a Chat with Michelle Gilliam

You can hear the recording  of a Book and a Chat with Michelle Gilliam



Michelle is a Registered Nurse. She began writing poetry, flash fiction, and short stories in 2003, but it was the gargantuan task of a novel that thrilled her the most. She has three sons and spends her time with biological and church families, watching her sons’ college football games, traveling, and not least, reading and writing. ROMAN RESCUE is her first novel. Michelle lives in Knoxville, Tennessee.