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Saturday, June 3, 2017

A Book and a Chast with Jeanne E Rogers

You can listen to A Book and a Chat with Jeanne E Rogers by clicking here 

Jeanne E Rogers

Jeanne E. Rogers (J.E. Rogers) is the author of middle-grade fantasies and children's stories. Her work includes The Sword of Demelza, The Gift of Sunderland, and One Hot Mess, A Child's Environmental Fable. All of the titles are available on Amazon as paperback and e-book. Her work aims to educate as it entertains. The stories are 'peopled' by anthropomorphized animals, many of which are endangered and indigenous to Australia. 

She is currently working on a fourth children's book. This fourth book will introduce young readers to a Native American creation myth which tells how the wolf became a dog and man's best friend. Close upon the heels of this work is a final middle-grade adventure in the Australian Fantasy series. Stop by her Facebook page, or website to learn more about her passion for animals and educating young people about threatened species and the environment https://facebook.com/austrailanfantasyadventures http://warriorechidna.blogspot.com

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