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A Book and a Chat" has proved a hugely popular radio program with people of all ages. With well over a thousand shows already recorded, Barry's format of "a chat over a cup of tea" has received nothing but rave reviews from guest and listeners alike. The writer of a successful young adult romance book "Across the Pond" Barry has himself appeared on a large number of radio and TV programs. "A Book and a Chat" is a program for writers and readers, not so much a literary show, more like... let’s sit around have a cup of tea and a few laughs." The shows are aired live Tuesday at 6:30PM ET and Wednesday at 7:00PM ET on newvisionsradio.com.
Those Were The Days:
Music from the 20th Century, from 1900 to 1999 with a comedy spot and always ending in a slowey, a show that many thousands enjoy. The shows air 5PM ET Sunday's on newvisionsradio.com
The Swinging Sixties Music from the 60's from around the world The show airs 6:00PM ET Sunday's on newvisions radio.com

Sunday, October 1, 2017


Oct 1st (Sun) Radine Trees Nehring
Oct 3rd Barbara Ridley
Oct 4th (7pm) David Faucheux
Oct 8th (Sun) Betty Jean Craige
Oct 10th Randy Denmon
Oct 11th Elizabeth Upton
Oct 15th (Sun) Ken Mixen
Oct 17th Dr Berit Brogaard
Oct 18th (7pm) Willaim Davidson
Oct 22nd (Sun) Peter Thompson
Oct 24th Katherine Nouri Hughes
Oct 25th (7PM) Tom Carter
Oct 28th (Sun) J.J. White
Oct 31st Dawn Foss

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